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Envyra Components Overview|Envyra World|How To Play...|Equilibrium Expansion|Envyra Gallery|Envyra Kickstarter|Opinions|Download's just a brilliant little game can teach it in about like 5 minutes to your friends but then layers of the onion start peeling and they start seeing how much depth the game really has....

- Lance Myxter (Undead Viking)

My sons and I played it and enjoyed it. Thanks!

- Steve Finn (Game Designer)

....We loved it!!!!!!! This simplicity of the game but the strategic element of it made it an all around huge hit with us. The construction of the pieces are great and sturdy. We are so looking forward to the completion of Myraclia. Thank you again for designing such a great game....

- Patrick (Kickstarter Supporter)

My family played our first game of this last night and loved it! It's going to hit our table frequently!

- Allan (Kickstarter Supporter)

It was a big hit at my local board game meetup and with my co-workers. I was a KS backer and now I want to buy a 2nd copy.

- Jeff (Kickstarter Supporter)

It is a simple game. Easy to set up and easy to learn. But that doesn't stop it from having lots of interesting and difficult decisions involved. It doesn't take long to play usually. It definitely has a place in my collection. When I don't have a ton of time to play a long game, but I still want a game that challenges my mind, this is a great choice.

- Chappy7 (BGG User)

We loved Envyra!

- Matthew (Kickstarter Supporter)

Played Envyra with my gaming group last night. It was a hit!

- Dave, NY (Kickstarter Supporter)

I really like mechanics of this game. Funny to play

- Lukas Litvaj (Watchmen Of Destiny Creator)


....everyone was enjoying the game ....that's the most important thing....

- Gert Breugelmans (SPELLETJES ENZO)

I received the game a few days ago. I was stunned by the high-quality of the components. This is a game I will enjoy for years to come.

- Ethan (Kickstarter Supporter)

My 8 year old and I just played 2 games. She destroyed me both times, but, really enjoyed the game! Thanks so much! :)

- Clarisse (Kickstarter Supporter)

I got my copy. I am pleased with how soon it got to me! It is a great game. My wife and I love it. It's nice to have a small, easy to learn game that is still challenging and strategic. Well done

- Riley (Kickstarter Supporter)

Mine just arrived in NYC, these are beautiful components.

- Moshe (Kickstarter Supporter)

I backed 4 games on KS before the Envyra campaign. They all claimed they would deliver before Envyra. Right, the only one that not only delivered but exceeded on so many levels is Envyra...

....this is the smallest KS campaign I have backed and by far the best organised.

- Nabend (Kickstarter Supporter)

Received today in central US, and I am very impressed with the component quality at the price point. I love how thick the tiles are, it has a great tactile feel to them. My wife and I played one game, and she just barely won with 20 point to my 19. We are both looking forward to more games and at higher player counts. Thanks again!

- John (Kickstarter Supporter)

wonderful components.. super well done, thick tiles...

- Jason (Kickstarter Supporter)

Received my copy today! The components are absolutely FANTASTIC, especially for the price paid. Thank you for a quality product, clear communication, and a smooth campaign. I will insta-back any other campaigns you run in the future, you rock!

- Arturo (Kickstarter Supporter)

Mine arrived today! Everything looks great. This has been the smoothest running campaign of all time. Great job and congratulations!

- Piker (Kickstarter Supporter)

...Every time I describe the game to friends, I refer to it as like Splendor but with blind bidding. Things are looking up in my life and every little post from kickstarter gets me excited as I spent a whole month backing games and they're all almost here! I am greatly excited to play this and show it off to my gamer friends, and family...

- Lance (Kickstarter Supporter)

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