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From nowhere there comes a mighty eternal opponent. Eva.

Coveting for Myraclia and endangering your plans. Dare you confront her?

She has power and lust... but you have feelings and foresight...will the human side prevail?

Myraclia Eva

Eva expansion enables ultimate solo & advanced multiplayer experience with Myraclia board game. Not only you can play solo against this cunning opponent, but you can even challenge two powerful eternal beings and feel the experience of the full-fledged 3-player game. And as each of your virtual opponents is pursuing its own strategy, you can never know what to expect. Every game is different. But this enriched board gaming experience is not limited to solo play. Do you think that with your beloved real-life board gaming partner you are limited to a 'duel' experience? Not anymore. Eva is ready to confront 2 human players as well, often focusing her wild and vicious attention on the one appearing more dangerous to her. You´ve never felt the same exciting tension in a '2-player' game before.

Compatible with Eternity and Darkness expansions.

Myraclia LUNA

Harvest the energy only the universe can provide.

But everything precious comes with a price...

Myraclia LUNA

Consisting only of a drafting board extension and shiny cube, Luna may appear gimmicky at the first glance. But this single chunk of metal holds divine powers never seen before. It adds to an already tense drafting mechanism precious Element everybody craves for that tests the will and self-restraint to their limits.

Rules are very easy indeed. At the beginning of each Drafting phase, a metal LUNA Cube is placed on the drafting board extension. This cube is very powerful as it contains all the Elements. Actually, it is a 'Wild Card' ready to be used. However, there is a catch. The player who chooses LUNA Cube during the drafting phase, cannot draft any more Elements during that drafting phase (as if they decided to pass) and will be the last player to terraform. ;-) All rules for wild cards are in place, so you can immediately enjoy the 'expanded' game without the necessity to learn new rules.

Compatible with Eternity and Darkness expansions.

Myraclia Darkness

Not all parts of Myraclia are life welcoming... there are some deep dark voids you rather don't want to be close to... they do not allow you to shape Myraclia according to your visions it is much better if they stand in the path of your opponents.

Darkness Expansion is included with the Kickstarter version of the Myraclia game.

Myraclia Eternity

Eternal powers...waiting on Myraclia...hidden from the eyes of the mighty...but generously revealed to those who appear feeble.

Eternity Expansion is included with the Kickstarter version of the Myraclia game.


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