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Fun, engaging, interactive in the same way for 2p as for 5p... Drafting is very unique... Almost no downtime... Beautiful, beautiful, elegant design of this it!

branislav berec, NITHRANIA GAME CLUB

...more I played the game the more fun I had. Because developping a strategy comes with experience with the game

gert breugelmans, INDEPENDENT REVIEWER


The game was very exciting and only the tie-breaker decided about the winner...Very clearly written and easy to understand rules... The wooden game pieces are beautifull



...What a fantastic game! Great gameplay with a lot of player interactivity and high-quality components. Myraclia is an abstract thinker if there ever was one, with clever drafting and turn order mechanisms.

The drafting in Myraclia is among the best in modern board games; it's meaningful in not only what you draft but WHEN you draft. Unlike trying to make sure you go first or last like in many games that feature turn order manipulation, in Myraclia it's a balancing act. Going first can ensure that you get to Terraform that tile you really want, but any elements you leave unused become available for players following you in turn order. Furthermore, Myraclia grows after each player's turn; the more tiles you affect, the more tiles you'll make available for your opponents.

Going 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, even 5th in turn order all have their benefits/drawbacks.

Another thing that should be mentioned is that

the rulebook for Myraclia is darn near perfect.



I like Myraclia a lot. I backed it on Kickstarter purely on 'vibe' and my hopeful expectations were well met.

...It all fits together to feel so good in execution. From the texture and graphic design of the wooden disks, to the translucent cubes and how they sit on the subdued yet evocative artwork of the tiles. The ever growing mountain of color from discarded cubes clinking into the wooden discard bowl. The rustling of new tiles in the rough cloth bag. This game is a tactile treat.

...Myraclia frees you from that front loading while still presenting you a surprisingly meaty puzzle. Get cubes terraform things get points, how easy could it be? But the cubes are at a slightly different rarity in the bag(printed on the player aid and reinforced via the drafting rules) what and when you draft determines player order for the terraforming phase, and the INVERSE order for drafting next turn (handled with a simple rotatable track and with a lightbulb moment after just one round on your first play) Terraforming this tile gives me points, but also you points for being adjacent. I get a free red cube for terraforming it... but I can't use that this turn and you might be able to use it on YOUR turn if I have it left over. Or I could turn these three cubes into one of any color and have none left over, but I would have to terraform this other tile for lesser points instead but it WOULD give me that plains-type I need for my set. A score of little turns and twists which are *highly* interactive with the other players fill up every round of Myraclia without ever giving that overful feeling.

...On top of the simple joy of playing the game is how much it reminds me of what Kickstarter can really do. Kickstarter let Rudy pursue his dream and gave me a game that fills a niche no other really does in my collection. I hope you get a chance to have it fill a spot in yours too.

Shadrach (from the review on BGG)


Elegant rules, smooth gameplay, not too long and easy to explain to the beginners meanwhile it is a quite complex game.

I am astonished how beautifull it is. I MEAN - REALLY! I have a lot of games, but there is no one so original and beautifull like this one. Additionally to the graphic design and art (I'm a designer myslelf so I appreciate it also professionally), the wooden pieces add a sense of something rare and posh,

I love it.

Joanna B.


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